Prof. Altin Mele

Prof. Assoc. Altin Mele finished his studies in Industrial Chemistry in 1994 at the University of Tirana. In 1995 was selected as assistant lector in the chair of general and inorganic chemistry. Between 1996 and 2001 carried out his doctoral studies in the Laboratory of high pressure and process techniques, University of Siegen, Germany. In 2002 was selected as lecturer of thermodynamics in the section of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, University of Tirana. Prof. Mele author of round 40 publications in also renowned journals in the field of high pressure processes with IF.

Study materials for students of Chemistry at the University of Tirana.
Leksione në Kimi Fizike e Sipërfaqeve (Shkarko)
Prezantime në Punë Laboratori të “Kimia e Fenomeneve Sipërfaqsore” (Shkarko)
Lab practice – Kimia e sipërfaqeve (Download)
Literature – Kimia e Dukurive Siperfaqësore e Koloidale (Download)
Lab practice – Tensioni siperfaqësor me ngjitje kapilare (Download)
Exercise – Surface Tension (Download)
Ushtrime – Tensioni Sipërfaqësor (Shkarko)

Prof. Dr. Altin Mele